Jamaica Charter Flights
Stop wasting time and money. Fly without the hassles of delays and airport lines.

Jamaica Charter Flights


Take a vacation or business trip without all the hassles of the airport!

  • Prices: Group Charter flights tend to be less expensive than commercial flights.
  • Safe: Air Jamaica Charter's Fleet of Aircraft are kept to the highest FAA/JCA standards. 
  • Flexibility: Fares for charter flights do not carry most of the stringent restrictions that are imposed with commercial flights. These include specific advance-purchase and minimum- or maximum-stay requirements.
  • Clarity of prices: Many charter fares are not subject to the typical legacy airline fare-class distinctions. However, charters we tend to discount unsold seats closer to the departure date.
  • Less hassle: Our Charter flights are usually direct.

Increase business without DELAYS

Every minute you spend away from your desk is a cost to your company. With a private charter through Air Jamaica either the person solely flying or your entire work team can be on the ground at the desired location faster than any commercial flight.  One of the best perks is your business training could even begin on the flight! Exclusivity and speed brings efficiency to your business trip. 

Safety Is Always The Number One Priority

We at Air Jamaica Charter value safety as much as we value you, our customer.Our Fleet of Aircraft are all kept to the highest FAA/JCA standards.  Allowing you, the customer to rest assured of your safety when flying with Air Jamaica Charter. 

Headquarters in Jamaica

When you are talking about aviation, location is possibly the single most important thing when it comes to time and money.  Because we are based out pf  Jamaica, with a Jamaican fixed base operation, we leave our competition behind.

Choose Air Speed a Jamaica Air Charter powered by EMed Jamaica
  • Stay ahead of the competition!
  • Direct flights from the closest airports
  • Avoid lengthy transfers and delays at scheduled service hubs
  • Flexible schedules mean that if your meetings run late the crew and aircraft will still be waiting
  • Save on the expense of operating your own aircraft.