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Charter your Flight to Cuba the Jewel of the Caribbean.  

Cuba is the largest and often said to be, most beautiful island in the Caribbean.  
Time Traveling!!  Visitors of Cuba often explain their visit as "Like taking a trip back in time, to the 1950(s)".  This is when some political problems between Cuba, and other area countries began.  "Its like a moving museum, except it is all part of a living city"  said one traveler to the country.
Streets of Cuba

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he island is rich in history and culture,  if you are looking to explore a new place and trying new things, then this is the place for you.  There is a piece of history around every corner in every city.  Whether it is an old building that deserves to be a museum, or the 1950 Bel Air taxi rolling down the street.  If the city museums aren't your thing, then take a trip out into the lush country side, and jungles of the rural side of Cuba.  It is true that there is something here for everyone.
The political problems aside, Cuba is a tropical paradise.  Add in beautiful hotels, the big city life and laid back beach relaxation, Cuba has it all.  Not many places can offer all of this in one, it is no wonder why people call it the Jewel of the Caribbean. Because of relation problems between the Island country, and the United States, US citizens must request special permission from the US government to be able to visit Cuba.
Let us know what you are looking for in your trip, and we will take care of all the details.  Allowing you to enjoy your vacation or business trip to the fullest.

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