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Caribbean company offers medical transportation to tourist and locals

08.16.2013 at 10:04pm | Uncategorized
All people in the Caribbean, tourist or local resident, will now be able to have access to emergency air ambulance services when in need of emergency airlift to international healthcare centers in a fully equipped air ambulance for only $3000 JM per month or $32.50 USD, this flexible membership program will provide emergency evacuation services in times of critical need on an aircraft equipped with the appropriate medical equipment and staffed with qualified medical personnel. This program is provided by EMED in Jamaica as a membership group benefit program. Eligible members will receive access to emergency air evacuation services, personal care advisors, and affordable international healthcare facilities. For more information go to to see how you can best be prepared for medical emergencies while in the Caribbean.

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Inter-Island hopping while on vacation?

07.29.2013 at 8:32pm | Best Kept Travel Locations, Travel Tips to the Caribbean
All of the Caribbean is a paradise waiting to be discovered by you. Each island holds to rich traditions and history while soaking in the utmost beauty of God's creation. Visit paradise today, call 1-876-312-1119 to plan your Caribbean air charter flight!
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Trinidad Private Charter Flights

07.23.2013 at 3:46pm | Best Kept Travel Locations, Travel Tips to the Caribbean, Best Places to Eat in Caribbean, Best Beaches in the Caribbean, Best Rated Resorts in the Caribbean, Emergency Services in the Caribbean
Its mix of East-Indian, African, Chinese, Dutch, Syrian, Spanish and English cultures creates a feast for the eyes, ears and taste buds, particularly in a well-established street-food tradition. Trinidad also boasts the Caribbean’s largest Carnival celebration. Charter a flight any time of the year and find your way in the old countries!
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Isla Mujeres Charter Flights

07.23.2013 at 3:41pm | Travel Tips to the Caribbean, Best Beaches in the Caribbean, Best Fishing Charters in the Caribbean
Whale sharks frequent the waters from June to September and on the boat tours, you’re almost guaranteed to swim with dozens of the world’s largest fish. All you have to do is jump in.
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Grenada Charter Flights

07.23.2013 at 3:35pm | Best Kept Travel Locations, Best Beaches in the Caribbean, Emergency Services in the Caribbean
St. George’s is walkable, alone or with a tour operator. When you finish on land, go with Grenada Seafaris for a blast up the west coast. Tours run from the waterfront to Black Bay. Snorkeling stops include Molinere Bay, site of haunting underwater sculptures.
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